Effective Learning

The teaching methods used at Agora Lledó International School promote investigation and active participation in the students so that they are the true drivers of their own learning.  The pupils have an active role in the classroom, they analyse their surroundings, they show respect and tolerance when speaking with their classmates, they work together in an experiential way in a diversity of areas, and they know the importance of effort. The teacher is there to motivate and guide the educational development so that the pupils find out the answers for themselves, while acquiring vital skills such as communication and teamwork and building up their knowledge so that they are able to get on in the real world.

Our teaching body constantly assesses its own teaching methods and looks into new ones ensuring that the best teaching innovations from around the world are being used. The strengths of our current methodology are: our awareness of multiple intelligences, which helps us to pinpoint each student’s strengths; the KTAV methodology, which adapts itself to the different learning rates of the pupils; the innovative project we call «Highly prepared people», a register of the academic assessment of each of our pupils throughout their school life that enables us to give an objective evaluation of their progress.

Motivation and Challenge

Students learn more and better when they find their work stimulating and sufficiently challenging. This is why our pupils are exposed to motivating, interactive and experiential methods upon which our “Learn how to learn” concept is based. They are inspired and motivated by their work, especially when the work presents an appropriate degree of challenge. Thus, they develop scientific skills and a critical approach in our science labs, while cultural and sports outings take them away from their everyday surroundings and contribute to their all-round education.


Personalised teaching methods

We believe our teachers should carry out coaching by combining the available resources so that each student performs as well as they can.  The first step is to assess their capabilities, aptitudes and preferences in order to personalise the methodologies by applying a wide range of teaching techniques to the development of each student: project work, direct instruction, inverted classrooms and critical thinking are a few of these techniques.


Collaborative Learning

Teamwork is the basis of collaborative learning, this is why communicative and social interaction are a daily part of our students’ lives as they are essential to the full development of their skills. The students are fully involved in each of the work teams and they have an active role: all the members of the group are responsible for attaining a common goal, thus acquiring values such as responsibility and empathy.


Critical Thinking

At Agora Lledó International School we want our pupils to «learn how to learn» and, by doing this, they acquire full intellectual autonomy. We work on certain skills from an early age by stimulating critical thinking at the Preschool stage. Throughout the educational stages students learn how to delve into information, analyse, assess, create and develop their own ideas as main players in their own learning.


Assessment and Feedback

Student assessment is an on-going process that is constantly evolving and improving. This process is based on a variety of sources and methods that go from marking tasks or classroom observation to conversations with the pupils and analysis of their work. Thanks to this feedback, our teachers can identify the next steps to be taken in each of our students learning and they adapt the teaching-learning process accordingly to obtain the best academic results possible.



“In my opinion, studying at Lledó has offered me things which, otherwise, I would have taken longer to acquire, or just wouldn’t have achieved. For example, now that I am at university, I really notice the influence of the methodology applied here, so the change has not come as a shock to me and, in fact, it surprises me to see that my classmates struggle with things that here were part of day-to-day life, such as pieces of work with a suitable bibliography, or on a more open topic. Above all, I am glad that the theory I learnt here had more practical applications, and that there was rarely only one correct response, so that I didn’t have to memorise, but learn. This is something which I now find incredibly useful.”

Alejandra Omaña

Former Pupil of Agora Lledó International School

“Our pupils must feel happy at school, in a welcoming environment of care and protection in which from early childhood they will acquire the key tools to triumph in life. These include a capacity for decision making, intuition, creativity, initiative, team work, problem solving and the ability to cooperate. The school therefore becomes an almost magical place and a wonderful experience for pupils, parents and teachers.”

Elena Del Lozar Blasco

Pre-School Coordinator

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