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At Agora Lledó International School we prepare students for a future within an international context by placing great importance on English as a working language and by teaching other foreign languages. The project is based on language immersion: a complete immersion in English from the outset to facilitate the learning of the language as it was their mother tongue. Half of the subjects and activities are taught in English during the Preschool and Primary school.

Our comprehensive language project adapts itself to each learning stage, it brings in new foreign languages and gives the students something of great value for their intellectual and personal development. From the first year of Primary onwards, our pupils study German as a second foreign language. In Secondary they can choose to study French or continue with German, as well as attend our language school where students can study Chinese as an extracurricular subject during Primary and Secondary.

Agora Lledó International School also prepares students for official exams such as the German Goethe Institut ones, the French DELF exams, the Cambridge and Trinity exams in English and the official Chinese exams, the Confucius Institute Youth Chinese Test (Hanban). Students can also get the  “nivel mitjà” in Valencian in the exams organised by the “Junta Qualificadora de Coneixements de Valencià” (JQCV). In addition, our pupils can take advantage of an array of activities, exchanges and international experiences for a full global readiness.


“Knowing how to use English correctly is important not only in order to communicate with people around the world, but also to be prepared for the future as global citizens, which is key.”

Irfan Gazdar

Head of Science Department in English

“Learning languages is a wonderful, enriching experience. Languages open doors, both personally and professionally, and help promote intercultural awareness. At Agora Lledó School in Castellón, we make classes fun by learning through games, applying modern methodologies and practices such as Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences.”

Lucy Durance

Head of English Language Nursery & Primary

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