Official Music Conservatory

recognised by the Generalitat Valenciana

22 different instruments

and the development of vocal capabilities

2 orchestras and 1 choir

with over 20 concerts given

The BAPNE® Method

of cognitive and psychomotor stimulation

Music is part of the identity of Agora Lledó International School. Within the syllabus of the school the pupils develop their capabilities through our solid music and orchestra project. Musical training nurtures sensitivity and emotions, allowing students to gain self-discipline by means of their own experiences and teamwork. Grit is developed as the practice the auditory discrimination and precision that music requires.

Agora Lledó International School is certified by the Generalitat Valenciana to teach music to both basic and professional standards. All our pupils learn to play at least one orchestra instrument (piano, violin, viola, violoncello, double bass, bass, guitar, trumpet, clarinet…) while developing their vocal capabilities. They periodically perform before classmates and parents and they can be part of our school’s orchestra groups and choirs.

Our school takes part in concerts and auditions inside and outside the Comunitat Valenciana, as well as playing an active role in our city’s musical and cultural activities. Throughout the school year, our pupils take part in Christmas, Spring and End of Year performances and in the International Music Festival, an event that brings together pupils from the Globeducate Group schools around the world, fostering social relationships and the discovery of new ways of working together with pupils from different countries and cultures.


”Musical education is one of the key elements in curriculum transversality. Developing a project such as orchestra education within the curriculum is a challenge, as well as an honour. Working every day alongside the NACE pupils makes it even more special.”

Sven Valcarcel

Primary Teacher

”Music contributes to providing our pupils with a comprehensive education. That’s why it is one of the fundamental pillars of the Agora Lledó IS Educational Project. Proof of this is the number of hours of music our pupils have in the curriculum, both Musical Language and Orchestra, and as an extracurricular activity, in the Junior and Senior Orchestras, the Choirs and the Music School.”

Victor Peris

Music Department

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