Christmas Holiday Camp

Christmas is more fun at the Christmas Holiday Camp: a complete programme fully in English which awakens the children’s creativity. A language immersion that get the children to use their imagination and creativity. The activities include painting, a puppet workshop, introduction to music, mini-chef and swimming. Just as with all the Holiday Camps at Agora Lledó International School, children can enrol for single days and it is open to students from other schools.

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Other Holiday Camps

Other camps with activities fully in English for the Magdalena and Easter school holidays. There are swimming lessons every day and a variety of themes that awaken the pupils’ desire to carry on learning: from the fun science experiments in Science and Technology Easter, with robotics and Lego lessons, to the introduction to magic lessons Magic Circus Magdalena and a drama and mathemagic workshop. The best way to blend learning, companionship and fun.


100% English activities program in a friendly environment, near to nature, fun and with daily swimming lessons. The best way to enjoy the Magdalena holidays with friends and classmates.

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Easter Camps

Camps fully in English for your children to learn during their Easter Holidays while they have fun with their classmates and share daily swimming lessons and other unique experiences which foster their values.

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Easter Camps

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