Happy Saturday

Happy Saturday is the ideal formula for your children to have fun learning and deepening their favorite activities between classmates and friends. English Happy Saturday allow students to combine 2 hours of English with activities such as swimming, racket sport, soccer, rhythmic gymnastics, musical initiation or multisport. And for technology lovers, our Technological Saturdays offer a large number of innovative activities to stimulate their creativity, such as educational robotics, videogames creation, experiments, virtual reality or 3D character design. A fun day that starts at 10:00 a.m. and ends at 1:00 p.m. and allows Dad or Mom to enjoy the gym and swimming pool for free.

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English Happy Saturday: English, sport and a lot of fun

For students from the age of 2

English, sport, music and videogame design

2 hours of English every day

+ 1 hour of your favourite activity

Cambridge examination preparation.


Swimming, tennis, padel, football or rhythmic gymnastics

with gym and swimming pool free for parents

At Agora Lledó International School we have the perfect way for your children to learn while they have fun, improving their English while they interact with their classmates and discover a whole new world of learning and sensations.  The morning starts at 10am and finishes at 1pm, with two hours of English and another where they do their favourite activity: top sporting activities thanks to the facilities at the Lledó Elite Gym, or they can choose introduction to music.

Our Happy Saturdays are open to pupils from outside the school who can enjoy all our sports facilities and the excellent language teaching we offer at Agora Lledó, which, since 2011, has been certified to teach the prestigious International Baccalaureate programme, the leading worldwide baccalaureate qualification. Pupils at our English Happy Saturday work on contents of «Cambridge English Young Learners», a set of exams with motivating activities that are especially designed for students of all ages. They also have the chance to prepare for the Cambridge exams, KET, PET or FCE.

The pupils at our English Happy Saturday are not the only ones who can enjoy the facilities at the Lledó Elite Gym, where they can do swimming, tennis, paddle tennis, football or rhythmic gymnastics under supervision of our qualified teachers While they are having fun, their parents can make full use of the gym and swimming pool at Agora Lledó International School for free.  Fun for all the family!

Technological Saturdays

An activity aimed at children who have an interest in technology. With a program designed to awaken in them the passion for STEM + A subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math + Art), on Technological Saturdays, students develop skills such as creativity, communication, problem solving or teamwork. Innovative activities on technological Saturdays include educational robotics, videogames creation, Technological experiments, augmented reality, virtual reality, image editing or character design and 3D scenarios.

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