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Agora Lledó International School offers students from the school and other centres a wide range of camps and services during the summer months: Sports, Music, English, Robotics, Videogame programming … Check the catalogue with details of activities, schedules and ages to choose a camp that suits you.

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Football, swimming, rhythmic gymnastics, tennis, paddle tennis, skating and martial arts camps are available for students to develop the skills and values associated to sport. The Gymnastics and Football camps are both recognised by their respective national federations and are certified “Grados de Evolución Deportiva” activities.



This is a camp where children of all ages learn music and have fun in a range of musical options and instruments. Musical immersion, musical language games, orchestra lessons for pupils studying a symphonic instrument and even rock lessons with electric guitar and bass, drums, piano and voice.



A fun way of improving English through language immersion, guided games, swimming and other sports, art and crafts, creative cooking and scientific experiments.  It is possible to choose a course organised on a weekly theme basis with two hours of Spanish or Russian for foreign students.



Technology at its best thanks to creative gaming and the awakening of the imagination, with Robotics, Programming, Virtual Reality, Drones or 3D video games. Attractive and innovative methods that bring endless benefits to students, from the development of values such as innovation to solving problems or teamwork. The best option for boys and girls who have an interest in science and technology.


Summer in UK: an international summer

Thanks to our international network of schools, Agora Lledó International School offers the chance to live an international experience at some of the UK’s most prestigious schools. Choose a destination and find out more about it!

Stonar ICS London


“I am delighted and that’s why I’ll be back again next year. 10 out of 10 for the organisation.”

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“My son goes very happily. He loved technology and he will go back again next year.”

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