Our Mission and Core Principles

Our educational programme is based on the four core principles common to all Globeducate: Educational Excellence, Global Readiness, More than a School all-round training and a Values-Based Education. These four principles make up the foundations of our educational project that aims to prepare each of our students for personal and professional success in an increasingly globalised world.

One of the keys aspects is what we call Educational Excellence: helping our students to identify and develop their individual talents using innovative teaching methods where they receive personalised attention. Our highly qualified team work daily to ensure that our students have the tools they need to develop their skills and reach their full academic potential. The resources available to the students include innovative teaching methods, new technologies and comprehensive facilities which adapt to the different needs during their education.

Global Readiness is our second core principle: a bilingual education with immersion in English, and the addition of French and German, all of which are taught by native or bilingual teachers. Our students are prepared for internationally recognised qualifications. Furthermore, our pupils can make the most of our international programme of exchanges, events and stays abroad where, thanks to the Globeducate international network, they are able to share their learning with students from all over the world.

Our third core principle is More than a School, an all-round training which involves co-curricular excellence: we teach skills that go beyond the academic world by teaching music, sport and the creative arts. These play an important role in the development of the pupils with enormous cognitive benefits, fostering their sensitivity and enhancing their self-esteem, commitment, constancy, teamwork and study habits.

Our fourth core principle, a Values-Based Education: we want to bring up citizens of the world, people who are ready for the challenges of our times with a broad academic and personal training. With this aim in mind, we instil lifelong values in our pupils, values such as respect, tolerance, self-improvement, commitment and social responsibility. Thus, they acquire an awareness of global needs and the keys to carry on developing and growing in order to be successful in all aspects of life.

Educational Excellence

Our concept of educational excellence is based on the having the best teaching methods and teachers who are constantly evolving and are able to get the most out of the individual talents of each of our students. We favour innovation, new technologies and everything the students may need to do the best they can.

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Global Readiness

Multilingualism at Agora Lledó International School is essential for our students’ global readiness. Our teachers are either native or bilingual to ensure full language immersion. We also provide access to official certificates and international experiences of great educational value through the Globeducate international network of schools.

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More than just a School

Extracurricular activities such as music, creative arts and sport ensure the full and comprehensive development of our pupils. These activities foster important skills such as abstract reasoning, self-discipline, self-expression, personal growth and teamwork.

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Value-based Education

We believe that a value-based education is essential to educate people who are going to be leaders in a better world. The values we want them to have are respect and tolerance, personal growth, responsibility and social commitment and we organise charity events where our pupils play a leading role.

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“Educating children and young people in cultures, languages and co-existence must be the first objective which instils in our pupils a sense of development and respect for human values as a basis for any action in life”

Luis Madrid

Headmaster at Agora Lledó International School

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