Value-based education

Agora Lledó International School, in Castellón, stands out for its focus on an education in values, boosting its pupils’ academic and personal development. That’s why we take into account not just the skills and knowledge of each of our pupils, but the human values which will turn them into true citizens of the world.

Our education in values at Agora Lledó International School is based around several key points:

  • Respect and tolerance towards others
  • Sense of responsibility
  • Critical and creative reasoning and analysis
  • Self-improvement
  • Social commitment

Agora Lledó International School focuses its educational programme on an education in values, paying particular attention to the following aspects:

  1. The disciplined mind. We work with pupils in 2 ways: creative tension (training and discipline) to overcome the distance between reality and the perception of reality, and learning the main ways of thinking created by humans (science, maths, technology, history, art and philosophy).
  2. The synthetic mind. It is necessary to learn to accurately summarise an excess of information and adapt it usefully.
  3. The creative mind. Currently, all information based on rules can be precisely controlled through Information Technology. For this reason, the capacity to analyse and decipher new problems and solutions is an increasingly valued skill.
  4. The respectful mind. Agora Lledó International School pays particular attention when it comes to educating their pupils in the values of tolerance and respect towards the people with whom we coexist in the world.
  5. The ethical mind. The Globeducate Education in Values involves comprehensive personal development and educating people who boost intercultural connections and who act not for their own gain but for the benefit of others.

Charity work

Charity and community work is an important aspect of our educational project, especially in our Primary school. This work nurtures the school’s values and strengthens the pupils’ sense of solidarity and empathy. For all these initiatives, the school has a specialist in this field who inspires the whole school by setting targets and generating new projects and ideas.

Our pupils collaborate with various charity projects such as the «El Día de la Banderita» organised by the Spanish Red Cross, «Un niño, un juguete» for the Cáritas nursery, the «Quítate un kilo» project that helps the Comedor del Padre Ricardo and the «Mercadillo Solidario Gastronómico», an initiative run by our International Baccalaureate students that gives all the money collected to charities like the Comedor del Padre Ricardo and the Fundación Acción Geoda (international solidarity).



“Educating children and young people in cultures, languages and co-existence must be the first objective which instils in our pupils a sense of development and respect for human values as a basis for any action in life”

Luis Madrid

Headmaster at Agora Lledó International School

“The children at our school radiate happiness. Mine are still small but they have learnt a lot and are getting on really well. They show a great deal of respect and love for their teachers and are obviously taught respect and how to behave in the classroom.”


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