Educational Excellence

At Agora Lledó International School we prepare our students to live successfully in a globalised world and educational excellence is the first step of their journey. We believe educational excellence to be the fusion of both top teaching staff and the best methods available for identifying and boosting each of our pupils’ talents. We provide individual attention and an all-round education, placing the utmost importance on the strengths and weaknesses of each pupil so that they attain their full potential.

An important part of our educational excellence at Agora Lledó International School is down to the high degree of commitment among our teachers, who don’t only teach, but also motivate the students so that they have a yearning to find out about, and learn, new things. The success of our pupils is mainly because of having that attitude: not making do with just understanding a subject, but having a desire to go further and find out the reasons behind things.

Syllabus and stages

Agora Lledó International School teaches takes young people through their whole school life: a comprehensive multilingual education which adapts itself to each pupil’s needs and to today’s social and working life realities. An international syllabus, complemented by other disciplines such as music, the arts and sport, and designed to educate people into having a constructive attitude while having a sense of commitment to the world and to their own learning.

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Effective Learning

The teaching methods used at Agora Lledó International School stand out because of their educational innovation, high academic performance and the individual attention given to each pupil’s needs. Our pupils are the main players in their own learning thanks to a wide range of teaching techniques which enable us to adapt our methods to their preferences and needs, while nurturing their natural talents.

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Technological Innovation

New technologies and hands-on learning allow us to give the programme a new dimension and increase student participation. The technological solutions available to the students in the classroom make for a more dynamic and attractive learning. Activities such as Coding encourage cognitive development and prepare them for the big challenges of the future.

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Our Teachers

The teaching staff at Agora Lledó International School involve themselves fully in each of the stages the pupils go through, stimulating and motivating them. In addition, they all take part in training courses that make sure they keep up with the latest developments in education. Schemes such as Learning Coaches and the Globeducate Platinum Standard evaluation and improvement process ensure they are in tune with the latest educational solutions.

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Educational Psychology Department

Our Guidance Department, which is a service that sets us apart from other schools, works alongside pupils, teachers and parents when seeking the individual needs of each pupil. It is made up by 2 psychologists, 1 speech therapist, 2 teachers specialised in pedagogical therapy, and another 6 teachers who ensure that an attention to the diversity of the pupils is given and that they develop fully with regards to their specific aptitudes and attributes.

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Workshops for “Gifted and Talented” students

In order to cater for the particular needs of Gifted and Talented students, Agora Lledó’s Research and Innovation Department has developed a unique series of workshops – the only one of its type in the Province of Castellon. One session a month is dedicated specifically to parental support and, whilst pupils attend the sessions, parents are invited to use the gym and swimming pool for free. Sessions take place on Saturdays at 10:30 and are open to students from all schools in the province.

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