Global Readiness


Stimulating children with various languages from an early age contributes multiple benefits to their cognitive development. Because of this, at Agora Lledó International School we offer a bilingual project, half in Spanish and half in English, and as the pupils move up through the school we introduce German followed by French. Mandarin Chinese is offered as an extracurricular activity, while the Secondary pupils who choose start French may continue their German studies as an extracurricular class.

Our ambitious language programme is the cornerstone of our pupils’ global readiness. At Agora Lledó we want our students to be citizens of the world who are capable of studying or working in any country and of taking an active role in today’s global society.  Thanks to Globeducate group’s international network of schools, we offer a wide range of exchanges, stays abroad and international experiences so that our pupils can practice their languages while sharing their experiences with peers from around the world.


We prepare our pupils for a future within an international context, by immersing them in the English language from an early age with native teachers. Our pupils have the opportunity to study German and French within the curriculum and can attend our exclusive language school to study Chinese or perfect those languages that are part of the syllabus and prepare for official exams.

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Our exchange programmes are linguistically and culturally rewarding experiences for pupils, favouring their international outlook and academic mobility. Thanks to Globeducate’ international network of over 30 schools and the firm international vocation at Agora Lledó, our pupils are able to go on exchanges to prestigious schools in France, the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands and Canada.

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International events

Thanks to our international activities, pupils perfect their language abilities while living alongside students from other countries. Throughout the school year students take part in a variety of multicultural events together with other Globeducate: these range from academic and sporting conferences and competitions to an international music festival.

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International Baccalaureate

A prestigious and comprehensive top qualification in the field of international education that opens the doors to top universities in the world. International Baccalaureate nurtures and develops critical thought and a global and open approach to life that ensures the students have a broad knowledge, are fluent in several languages, self-sufficient, good team players and committed.

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