More than a School

Beyond the demands of the official syllabus, students at Agora Lledó International School receive a comprehensive and personalised training that takes into account the needs of each student and ensures they develop academically and personally.

Music, sport and creative arts all play an important role in the all-round education and development of our pupils as they teach self-discipline and effort, sensitivity, order, teamwork, exactness… These virtues are transmitted in a natural way throughout the school years and are a vital part of academic life and personal relationships.


The main aim of the Music Education Project at Agora Lledó International School is to provide the students with an active musical experience which goes beyond the classroom:

  • An official music conservatory
  • 22 instruments to choose from
  • Regular performances in concerts
  • Stimulation of artistic sensitivity and self-discipline
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We promote students’ physical and intellectual development through sports education, placing importance on the values that are part of practicing sport.

  • 3 clubs that are national federation members.
  • A sports centre covering 6.700 m2.
  • ADE Programme: adapted for elite sportspeople
  • 21 teachers who are specialised in a variety of sports.
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Creative arts

Through creative arts we promote creativity, and sensitivity to artistic expression which have enormous cognitive and personal benefits.

  • We nurture artistic expression.
  • We favour the creative skills of the pupils
  • The subject’s working language is English.
  • We take part in local and international competitions.
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