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Secondary Pupil

“I have come to ICS 6 years in a row and I have always had a great time and it has done my English a world of good.”

Esther Menasanch

“My experience at Stonar School was the best memory I reckon I have. House competition, late night gossip, loud laughs and long-lasting friendships. Aside from the fun we had, Stonar is also a place to learn, explore and discover. I loved Stonar itself, its students and teachers. It was a term in British heaven.”

Anonymous 4

“My son goes very happily. He loved technology and he will go back again next year.”

Anonymous 3

“I am delighted and that’s why I’ll be back again next year. 10 out of 10 for the organisation.”

Alejandro Rovatti

“Recognition of certain subjects gives me precious time that I dedicate to the study and to the duties that I can’t do at home due to the afternoon I train 3 to4 hours a day. When a competition coincides in the same date that an exam,  the teachers, gladly, advances or slow down me the examinations in order that it could organize better my time and to study to obtain a […]

Victor Peris

”Music contributes to providing our pupils with a comprehensive education. That’s why it is one of the fundamental pillars of the Agora Lledó IS Educational Project. Proof of this is the number of hours of music our pupils have in the curriculum, both Musical Language and Orchestra, and as an extracurricular activity, in the Junior […]

Sven Valcarcel

”Musical education is one of the key elements in curriculum transversality. Developing a project such as orchestra education within the curriculum is a challenge, as well as an honour. Working every day alongside the NACE pupils makes it even more special.”

Valeria Xu

‘‘The IB has helped me to learn how to work in a constant and independent way, developing my capabilities to the maximum. It has given me a global outlook on the world that is essential for the future.‘‘

Alma Frisch

‘‘The IB has helped me to develop my critical thinking and a passion for work. The tasks we carry out help us to be better organised in life and prepare us for university.‘‘

Antonio Martí Polo

‘‘The IB had prepared me for my university studies. It especially taught me to express my ideas better both in writing and in words, and this has been very useful at University.’’

Alberto Conti

‘‘The IB has been a sort of pre-university course because of the focus on research and understanding concepts, not just getting to know them. What’s more, having studied at Lledó for 15 years has given me impulse and linguistic abilities necessary to leave my comfort zone and look for opportunities outside Spain.”

Luis Gorbe

“Throughout the two years of the IB course, the pupils face academic research challenges, achievable for their age and abilities, but similar in style and difficulty to tasks at higher academic levels. These are challenges in which they will perfect their analytical capacity and critical view of reality, and the different discourses generated with this. […]

Susana Manrique Martínez

“The International Baccalaureate provides pupils with a unique, critical and holistic vision of the reality which surrounds them. It equips pupils with a critical and innovative spirit which enables them to access the world of university, and facilitates their joining the working world, offering them strategies to ensure that they are socially active and ethically […]

Lucy Durance

“Learning languages is a wonderful, enriching experience. Languages open doors, both personally and professionally, and help promote intercultural awareness. At Agora Lledó School in Castellón, we make classes fun by learning through games, applying modern methodologies and practices such as Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences.”

Irfan Gazdar

“Knowing how to use English correctly is important not only in order to communicate with people around the world, but also to be prepared for the future as global citizens, which is key.”

Ester Escrig de Casas

“Our Educational Project is not limited to just one innovative, integrative and demanding project. The objectives of our Educational Project go beyond this, searching for attractive and motivational tools which awaken a “taste for learning” in our pupils. It attends to their diversity and takes care of those who choose to combine their studies with […]

Elena Del Lozar Blasco

“Our pupils must feel happy at school, in a welcoming environment of care and protection in which from early childhood they will acquire the key tools to triumph in life. These include a capacity for decision making, intuition, creativity, initiative, team work, problem solving and the ability to cooperate. The school therefore becomes an almost […]

Nacho Criado

“I am in my second year of Aerospace Engineering at Ohio State University. The first year was very difficult but I was able to finish it with very good academic results (3 out of 4 average). This University is one of the 40 best in the world rankings and one of the 15 best for […]

Alejandra Omaña

“In my opinion, studying at Lledó has offered me things which, otherwise, I would have taken longer to acquire, or just wouldn’t have achieved. For example, now that I am at university, I really notice the influence of the methodology applied here, so the change has not come as a shock to me and, in […]

Marcos Vidal

“The experience I had at Lledó International School throughout my academic studies has allowed me to develop study strategies and habits which have given me excellent results. Furthermore, having the opportunity to study the International Baccalaureate enabled me to acquire critical thought, which today is vital. The constant work by the teachers at the school […]

Anonymous 2

“Overall, I am satisfied with my children’s education, proud to be part of Colectivo Lledó and I trust that  my children, thanks to the collaboration among all of those who are part of the school, will be ready to face life’s professional and personal challenges in the future.”

Stella Artús

“Choosing a school for my children was, at the time, a difficult task. 14 years on and 3 Lledó pupils, we’re convinced that our choice was the right one. Over these years our children have done lots of homework, they’ve had fun with their classmates, their teachers, on trips, at parties, matches, festivals, concerts, competitions, […]

Noëlle Tripiana

“Our daughter started at this school when she was 17 months old, and now that she is beginning a new stage in her education, Secondary, we see reflected in her the teaching of all these years. Thanks to the international outlook she has acquired at school, she took part in an exchange to Paris when […]

Balma Villamarín

“I love my school because we do loads of fun things and learn a lot”

María Caro

“I know that without effort and dedication it is impossible to achieve what we set out to, but if you also find in your teachers people who know how to motivate you and stimulate that capacity, the result is hugely positive, that’s why I want to express my thanks from here for the support and […]

Sandra Mármol Lara

“Working at this school I feel fulfilled while doing what I most like to do, look after and teach Preschool children. I grow day by day on a professional and personal level as I learn from them just as they learn from me. It is heart warming to have pupils who give back as much […]

Cristina Chacar Pons

“My stay at Stonar is one of the most enriching professional experiences of my career as a teacher. Among other things, the cultural dilemma means that they place a higher value on the educational tools developed in the NACE network, and show that, in spite of the cultural differences, we are one big family with the […]

D. Miguel Morte Montolío

“It is fair that, on a day like today, we should remember those who are no longer with us. Those who helped make this school what it is.“


“The children at our school radiate happiness. Mine are still small but they have learnt a lot and are getting on really well. They show a great deal of respect and love for their teachers and are obviously taught respect and how to behave in the classroom.”

Paula Reyes

“This is my sixth and final year at the school, and all this time I’ve felt taken care of. Thanks to the support I have been given, I’ve been able to combine my student life with the life of an elite gymnast. That’s why I am grateful to the school management, the teachers and my […]

Luis Madrid

“Educating children and young people in cultures, languages and co-existence must be the first objective which instils in our pupils a sense of development and respect for human values as a basis for any action in life”

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